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"Turning Pre-loved into


Reupholstery inspired by design

Serving homeowners for upholstery and restoration for vintage, antique or modern furniture in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas


At Beastly & Beautiful your favourite chair can be transformed into something very special, a statement piece to transcend the generations. 

We fuse the arts of reupholstering and contemporary fabric design to create unique pieces of furniture that stand the test of time.

Chair or sofa, cushion, headboard or footstool, for unexpected upholstery that’s always a pleasant surprise call.


Becca Stevens at Beastly & Beautiful, Milton Keynes on 07980394993.

Fantastic service from Becca at Beastly & Beautiful Milton Keynes. My footstool was reupholstered perfectly and was completed in just a few days. I am really pleased with the result and the friendly personal service that I received. I would definitely recommend this company to family and friends.


Make something beautiful 

Where there's a will there's a way!

Is the frame a bit wiggly, the seat sunken and the fabric worn out?

You don't have to throw it away.  It’s your favourite piece of furniture after all.  Let’s save it from landfill, it’s easier than you think.  Let’s face it, a modern, mass-produced chair will never be as good and it won’t last as long either.  Make sure it relives a lifetime with contemporary reupholstery by Beastly & Beautiful.

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